Thursday, 22 December 2011

Taxpayers ordered to pay $400k to Chretien, Chief of Staff

From the Globe and Mail, taxpayers are now on the hook for Jean Chretien's legal costs from his fight against the sponsorship scandal:
The Federal Court has ordered the government to pay $200,000 each to former Liberal prime minister Jean Chr├ętien and his late chief of staff – compensation for some of the legal costs they racked up fighting the findings of an inquiry into the sponsorship scandal.
 Chretien helped his friends steal millions from taxpayers - and in his own right, already has wealth well beyond what most people will see in their lifetime. Nonetheless, he took it upon himself to screw taxpayers for another $200,000. What an utterly shameful move.


  1. The Cretin is single handed destroying the liberal party both in power and now.

  2. Well,the Gomery Coverup DID exonerate "Da Little Guy", so it's only fair they should pay his legal bills. After all,we pay the legal costs for an HRC defendant if he's found not guilty. Right?

    But,200k in legal bills? I remember Chretien fondling his balls at the Coverup, but he wasn't exactly dragged through Court for weeks and forced to defend himself for days on end. It seemed like he was hardly there at all.

    His lawyer must be really expensive,or did they just tack on the obligatory 300% premium because it was the taxpayer footing the bill?

  3. Just ignore it.It will go away as will Chretin legacy.Just continue to appeal till it goes away.